7 days High Protein Diet plan for Weight Loss (Indian, Vegetarian diet chart )


As seen in our earlier articles on protein and the significance of proteins, a excessive protein weight-reduction plan helps in weight reduction. In case you are nonetheless confused about what to eat and what to not eat? Which choices are higher? Do vegetarians devour sufficient proteins? Get all of your questions answered on this article. We’ve supplied the record of excessive protein vegetarian choices together with 7 days excessive protein weight-reduction plan plan for Weight Loss (Indian, Vegetarian weight-reduction plan chart ). A excessive protein weight-reduction plan together with average fats and low carbohydrates aids in weight reduction.


7 days Excessive Protein Food plan Plan for Weight Loss (Indian, Vegetarian weight-reduction plan chart )

Earlier than you progress forward and verify this 7-day excessive protein weight-reduction plan plan for weight reduction, you should know that there are numerous variations of it that we’ve on Dietburrp. So after you’re completed checking this weight-reduction plan plan, do try these different weight reduction weight-reduction plan plans so as to add on to your variations.

Factors to recollect whereas planning:

  • Embrace not less than 1 first-class protein supply in every main meal.
  • Mix 2 sorts of cereal or cereals with pulses for higher protein availability.
  • Make sure you get sufficient protein that’s not less than 50 % protein from animal protein.
  • In the event you occur to be a vegan, try our vegan diet plan for weight loss.
  • Milk and merchandise like paneer, curd, and cheese are animal proteins.
  • Mix your protein with sufficient carbohydrates for higher absorption.


Composition of Food plan plan for a person weighing 65 – 70 kgs:

  • Power: 1200 – 1300 kcal
  • Proteins: 65 – 70 gms (25 % of whole energy)
  • Carbohydrates: 180 – 185 gms (55- 60 % of whole energy)
  • Fat: 25 gms (15 – 20 % of whole energy)


Meals record for Excessive protein weight-reduction plan plan for weight reduction:

Meals Group Quantities (gms)Quantity of Protein (gms)
Cereals & Millets 30
Dals, Pulses & Sprouts 307
Soy & Merchandise 2510
Nuts & oilseeds 153
Milk & merchandise 150 ml
Milk & curd5
Inexperienced Leafy Greens3 – 4
Lotus Stem2.5


7 days Excessive Protein Food plan Plan for Weight Loss

Day 1

Time MenuAmount
Empty Abdomen Detox Juice1 glass
 (Palak, ginger, bottle gourd, coriander, lemongrass,)
BreakfastVeg Oats and mung dal  AppamFour no. (small)
 (Oats, soaked yellow mung dal, capsicum, onion, tomato)
  curd and mint chutney1 Tbsp
 Inexperienced Tea1 cup
MidmorningFruit1 no. medium
LunchSprout Salad1 cup (Sprouts 30 gms)
 Chapati (wheat flour + purple channa flour/soybean flour )1  no.
 Methi leaf Vegetable with mung dal1 cup
 Dal / Sambar1 cup
 Curd/ Buttermilk1 cup/ 1 glass
SnacksRoasted channa1 cup
Dinner Spinach Soup1 cup
 Cauliflower Rice¾ cup
 Sambar / dal1 cup
 carrot and peas Vegetable1 cup
 Buttermilk1 glass
Bedtime Milk (no sugar)1 cup


Day 2

Time MenuAmount
Empty Abdomen Ruby  Detox Drink1 glass
 (Carrot/ Beetroot/ ginger/ Tomato/ chia seeds/ cinnamon powder)
 Or lemon water1 glass
BreakfastPaneer Paratha1 Medium Measurement
 Inexperienced Chutney½ cup
 Curd1 cup
MidmorningFruit / Buttermilk1 no. medium
LunchVeggie Salad1 cup
 Jowar Roti1 no. (medium dimension)
 Leafy Vegetable1 cup
 soybean curry1 cup
 Curd/ Buttermilk1 cup/ 1 glass
SnacksBoiled Chana masala1 cup
Dinner Mung Dal and Tomato Soup1 cup
 Chapati1 no. medium
 Curd (Room Temperature)1 cup
 Inexperienced Leafy Vegetable1 cup
Mattress time Soaked Almonds and WalnutsFour every



Day 3

Time MenuAmount
Empty Abdomen Soaked Methi with heat water1 teaspoon + 1 glass heat water
BreakfastDamaged wheat upma1 cup
 (Capsicum, onion, tomato, mung dal + damaged wheat)
 Espresso / milk1 cup
MidmorningFruit1 no. Medium
LunchVeggie Salad1 cup
 Chapati2 no.
 Dudhi Vegetable1 cup
 Paneer  bhurji vegetable1cup
 Curd/ Buttermilk1 cup/ 1 glass
SnacksSprouts Veggie Salad1 cup
 Inexperienced Tea1 cup
Dinner Russian Salad1 cup
 Bajra Roti1 no. (medium dimension)
 Dal Makhni (much less butter/ghee)1 cup
 any inexperienced vegetable 1 cup
Bedtime Milk1 cup


Day 4

Time MenuAmount
Empty Abdomen Soaked Chia seeds with lemon water1 teaspoon chia seeds + 1 glass water
BreakfastVegetable Sandwich2 no. (Multigrain Bread)
 Salty Lassi1 Glass
MidmorningNuts (Almonds + Walnuts + Pumpkin Seeds15 grams
LunchVegetable Raita1 cup
 Chapati2 no.
 Bhindi ki sabji1 cup
 Chole1 cup
 Buttermilk1 glass
SnacksLower Fruits100 gms
 + Chia seeds2 tsp
Dinner Inexperienced Salad1 cup
 Cheese Paneer Vegetable Roll2 no. (Small dimension)
 Jalapeno  Curd Dip½ cup
Bedtime Soy Milk1 cup


Day 5

Time MenuAmount
Empty Abdomen Inexperienced Cooler1 glass
 (Spinach/ cucumber/ ginger/ chia seeds/ cinnamon powder)
BreakfastMushroom and paneer toast2 slices
 greek yogurt + chia seeds1 cup
MidmorningFruit1 no. medium
LunchUnique Salad (Bell peppers + zucchini + broccoli + lettuce)1 cup
 Multigrain Chapati2 no.
 Vegetable1 cup
 Combine dal1 cup
 Buttermilk1 glass
SnacksSmoothie1 glass
 Apple + Curd + cinnamonApple – 50 gms, curd 150 gms, cinnamon – a pinch
Dinner Tomato Soup1 cup
 Vegetable Khcihdi1 cup
 Kadhi1 cup
 Inexperienced Vegetable1 cup
Bedtime Masala haldi Milk1 cup


Day 6

Time MenuAmount
Empty Abdomen Cinnamon powder with heat water½ teaspoon cinnamon + 1 cup heat  water
BreakfastMillet Idli/ Dosa2 – Three no. (small)/ 1 Huge
 Sambar1 cup
 Inexperienced chutney2 tablespoons
 Lemon Juice (no sugar)1 glass
MidmorningFruit1 no. medium
LunchMushroom  Bell pepper and paneer  Salad1 cup
 Jowar Roti2 no. small
 Sprouted mung sabji1 cup
 Curd/ Buttermilk1 cup/ 1 glass
SnacksGrilled Lotus Stem100 gms
 Espresso1 cup
Dinner Curd basil dip¼ cup
 Or curd and mint dip1/Four th cup
 Paneer cutletsFour no.
 Grilled Unique Greens1 cup
Bedtime Buttermilk1 glass


Day 7

Time MenuAmount
Empty Abdomen Lush Inexperienced Juice1 glass
 (Spinach/ cucumber/ ginger/ chia seeds/ cinnamon powder)
BreakfastOats porridge1 cup
 Avocado / Almond and curd smoothie1 glass
MidmorningRoasted Almonds8 – 10 no.
 Cinnamon Tea1 cup
LunchPaneer Vegetable Salad1 cup
 Bajra Roti1 no. (medium dimension)
  soya nugget sabji1 cup
 Masoor Dal1 cup
 Buttermilk1 glass
SnacksMoong Dal Chilla topped with cheese2 small
 Inexperienced Chutney2 tablespoons
Dinner Tomato Soup

(Recipe for soups )

1 cup
 Bajra Roti2 Small
 Combine sprout sabji1 cup
Bedtime Masala Milk / Soy Milk1 cup

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Essential Suggestions:


A mere consciousness relating to what you’re consuming makes a number of distinction. It may be difficult initially however then it turns into simpler with correct steerage {and professional} assist.  Begin with small optimistic adjustments within the weight-reduction plan and see long run helpful results.

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